“I only meant to shoot to frighten”

During a press conference at the police headquarters in Bangkok this morning, the media were allowed to pose questions directly to Prasitthichai Khaokaew, the suspect in the bloody gold-shop robbery in Lopburi on January 9. 

Here is an excerpt of the short question-answer session conducted on a speaker-phone:


Q: Why did you have to shoot to kill the victims?

Prasitthichai:  I only meant to shoot to frighten people.

Q: Did you plan the robbery in advance?

Prasitthichai: I thought about it for a few days.

QWhy did you shoot at the victim (goldshop attendant) again?

Prasitthichai:   When I was on top of the counter and had my gun trained at the woman by hand-glove got tangled with the trigger. I tried to pull it off and caused the gun to fire twice.

Q: Why did you shoot the child (2yearold Titan)?

Prasitthichai: I did not see him.  I shot at the security guard to frighten him. The child could have been by the ricochet.  I didn’t mean to shoot at the child.

Q: Dont you have any sense of remorse?  You still lived your normal life after what you had done.

Prasitthichai: I do regret. I saw news about what happened to the child and regret what I have done.

Q: How could you return to your normal life after what happened?

Prasitthichai: I tried to live a normal life and did not think about escaping. But deep down I regret what I did.

Q: If you wanted to frighten people, why didnt you just fire warning shots? Prasitthichai: I did fire two shots at the gold show-case and didn’t expect the bullets to hit the attendant. And then when I saw two customers (who were also shot) I just lost my mind.  I want to say I am sorry and ask for pardon.

Q: What do you want to say to the families of the victims?

Prasitthichai:  I want to say I am sorry, especially to the family of Titan and those of other victims. I am sorry and I want to ask for pardon.

Q: Why did you use silencer and where did you get it from?

Prasitthichai: I bought it from someone my junior I know on the internet. I used it because I didn’t want to frighten people with loud noises.

Q: Did you think of giving yourself up?

Prasitthichai: I did think about surrendering but didn’t consult with anyone.  I did everything by myself. My intention was to give myself up after January 24.

Q: Why January 24?

Prasitthichai: I had an assignment with students at my school that I needed to finish first.

Q: Was your first shot intentional or accidental?

Prasitthichai: It was intentional. I wanted to frighten people, to prevent people from getting near. But it ended up hitting Titan

Q: There was rumour that you committed the crime because you wanted to die, a daredevil act.

Prasitthichai: No. I did it because of my personal problems.  I have to excuse myself now.


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