12 July 2024

Hundreds of thousands of voters across the country today turned up for early voting in Thailand’s first democratic general elections in almost eight years.

Thai PBS news teams reported long queues at many polling stations. This morning also saw mini-traffic congestions in several areas in Bangkok.

The Election Commission reported that around two million people have registered for early voting. The actual election day will be on March 24.

Several voters posted pictures of atmosphere outside polling stations where they have voted, with some expressing hope for positive changes after the election.

Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda was among early voters at a school campus in Dusit area, Bangkok, this morning.  The 99-year-old statesman emerged from a van in a wheelchair in front of the polling booth at Sukhothai School watched by an army of cameramen. It was his first public appearance in several months amid reports that he had been seriously ill.

Wearing a yellow shirt and a grey jacket, Gen Prem smiled as he dropped his ballot into the ballot box. He was among some 900,000 early voters in Bangkok to cast their election ballots today.