HM the King says Princess Ubolratana’s bid to be Thailand’s PM “inappropriate”

In what is seen as an objection to Princess Ubolratana’s bid to become Thailand’s next prime minister, HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn tonight described her one-day-old nomination under the banner of the Thai Raksa Chart party as “inappropriate.”

HM the King said, in a Royal Command published in the Royal Gazette on Friday, that the Monarchy has always remained above politics and therefore no member of the Royal Family should assume any political position “as it would contravene the spirit of the Constitution and the tradition of democracy under the Monarchy.”

He said, even though Princess Ubolratana has relinquished all her royal titles, she is still a member of the Royal Family and has been undertaking duties on its behalf.

The pro-Thaksin Thai Raksa Chart Party submitted her nomination to the Election Commission as its sole candidate for the premiership in the upcoming general election on Friday morning.   The princess later said in her Instagram post that she wanted to run for the premiership as an ordinary citizen exercising her democratic right to bring prosperity to the country.

Her nomination triggered a storm of reaction on social media with some voicing supporting for her nomination and others strongly objecting to her decision.


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