21 May 2024

Air quality in Bangkok and its surroundings has improved today, thanks to rain which has reduced the level of dust particles in the air in all areas except in Bang Kho Laem, where PM2.5 particulate was measured at 52 microns this morning (Wednesday).


The Pollution Control Department reported today that PM2.5 in Bangkok and its peripherals was measured at between 19-52 micrograms/cubic metre (microns), with Bang Kho Laem the only district with high readings, compared to 22 areas yesterday. The levels on Tuesday were the worst in the past three days.


The department said that overall air quality in Bangkok and its neighbouring provinces today ranges from moderate to very good.


The department, however, continues to advise high-risk groups, such as children, pregnant women and the elderly or ailing people to avoid outdoor activities or exercise and should wear face masks if they are outdoors for an extended period.


Yesterday, the cabinet approved the Pollution Control Department’s action plan to deal with haze, as proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.