Hardcore ‘Talugas’ protest group may move its rally from Din Daeng

A representative of Thailand’s hard core anti-government “Talugas” group has indicated that they may shift their protest site from Din Daeng junction to elsewhere in Bangkok, possibly to Nang Lerng intersection, which is close to Government House.

The representative, who did not identify himself, spoke to the media on Monday night at Din Daeng intersection, saying that members of the group will be consulted about the change of venue to seek a consensus adding, however, that anything can change.

Nang Lerng intersection became a battleground Sunday night between police and several “car mob” protesters, after they had dispersed from Democracy Monument on Ratchadamnoen Avenue. 16 protesters were arrested and a police kiosk at the intersection was torched.

He said that the group is ready to apologise to the residents of Din Daeng apartments and motorists for the inconvenience and trouble caused to them by their month-long protests.

Last week, about 100 residents of the Din Daeng community filed a complaint with Din Daeng police, urging the two warring groups to end the violence which, they claim, has affected their lives.

He maintained that the “Talugas” protesters would not have resorted to violence had Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha resigned or the police had refrained from using violent means to disperse them.

The representative disclosed that the group launched its protest at Din Daeng intersection on August 13th in retaliation against the police over Tanat Thanakitamnuay’s serious injury to one of his eyes.

Since that day, he said that the “Talugas” group has been rallying at Din Daeng intersection every evening.

He claimed that several protesters have joined the group and engaged in clashes with the police, adding that the group warned its members to disassociate themselves from these outsiders.

He admitted, nevertheless, that the number of protesters has declined steadily, because several of them have been arrested or out of fear of being arrested and prosecuted.

Din Daeng intersection has become a battlefield on a daily basis for about a month, with hard core protesters hurling projectiles, including firecrackers, flares and cherry bombs at the police, who responded with teargas, water cannons and rubber bullets. Hundreds of protesters have, so far, been arrested on multiple charges, ranging from illegal assembly, arson and defying the Emergency Decree to curfew violations and resisting arrest.


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