19 May 2024

Thailand’s Government Savings Bank (GSB) has stopped sending text messages (SMS) containing URLs to all customers, effective on March 1st, to protect its customers from being cheated by scam artists.

The bank said any customer who receives such a text message from the bank should assume that it is fake, sent by a scammer and should not click the link in the message.

The bank will, however, continue to send information online to customers upon request through bank’s channel.

The GSB’s move is the second by a commercial bank in Thailand, after the Kasikornbank stopped sending such SMSsto customers on February 16th, in the wake of widespread misuse by scammers to steal money from bank accounts.

Several commercial banks have also set up call centres, operating around the clock, to receive complaints from customers about mysterious disappearances of money from their bank accounts, so immediate action can be taken to save their accounts from scam artists.

The followings are the major banks and their call centre numbers:

Kasikorn Bank ​​0-2888-8888 press 001

Krung Thai Bank ​0-2111-111 press 108

Bank of Ayudhya ​1572 press 5

Bangkok Bank ​​1333 or 0-2645-555 press 3

Siam Commercial Bank ​0-2777-7575