Greenlight for Wild Boar  boys to be interviewed by local media

After three months of strict supervision, authorities have finally decided to allow the Wild Boar boys and their football coach to be interviewed by local media  provided they get prior permission from the committee in charge of their well-being.

Dr Yongyuth Wongphiromsarn, a member of the Creative Media Committee said Thursday the committee had shielded the young survivors from the Tham Luang cave ordeal from the media because it wanted to make sure that they are physically and mentally fit to be exposed to the media.

He said that the boys’ recent visits to Argentina, the United States and Britain were useful to them in a way that they have learned some sports skills and were exposed to foreign media.

Dr Yongyuth said after the three-month period of media restrictions, local media can now interview the boys, their coach and their families without the company of committee members.

He said the committee had educated them on their rights vis-à-vis the media, such as the right to be informed of questions in advance and the right not to answer them.

For news interviews, he said the committee will serve as the go-between for the media and the boys and for the commercial interviews, there will be a panel to look after the financial benefits of the boys.

He said a fund for the boys and their families will be set up.


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