11 July 2024

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) has stepped up the production of five anti-viral drugs, and the acquisition of two imported drugs, for the treatment of COVID-19.


GPO deputy director Dr. Mukdawan Prakobwaithayakit said today that the GPO has reserves of 1.8 million hydroxychloroquine tablets, 30.6 million Lopinavir/Ritonavir tablets, 1.9 million Darunavir, 1.9 million Ritonavir tablets and 3.4 million Azithromycin anti-biotic doses.

Lopinavir/Ritonavir, Darunavir and Ritonavir are also anti-HIV drugs.


She said the GPO has also purchased 140,000 Favipiravir tablets from China and Japan and another 47,000 tablets have been ordered by the Disease Control Department. An additional 103,860 tablets are to be delivered from Japan at the end of this month.

The GPO has also ordered another 1.09 million tablets of Hydroxychloroquine from a local pharmaceutical producer.


Meanwhile, public health volunteers and a local hospital in Tambon Thung Nang Oat in Muang district of the northeastern province of Yasothon, have organized home delivery of drugs to COVID-19 patients, to save them the time and effort of going to the hospital.

The service will also help prevent the spread of the virus.