11 July 2024

Thailand’s cabinet has approved a host of measures to help millions of Thai people, aimed at increasing their purchasing power and liquidity, to enable them to weather the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The packages include:

  1. The third phase of the 50:50 co-payment scheme, under which about 31 million people will receive 3,000 baht to be spent from July until December, at a maximum of 150 baht a day.
  2. E-voucher scheme, 31 million people expected to participate, under which each will receive e-voucher that can spend no more than 5,000 baht per person per day, maximum 7,000 per person, from August through December.
  3. The third phase of scheme for Pracharat card holders, under which each of the 13.6 million card holders will receive an additional 200 baht a month for six months, payable from July until December, to help with general living expenses.
  4. 5 million people, who need special help, will each receive an additional of 200 baht for six months, beginning July.
  5. The “Rao Chana scheme” will be extended for another 2 weeks, participants will receive 1,000 baht a week for two weeks, payable in June, while employees covered by the social security scheme will receive 1,000 baht a week for two weeks, also in June.
  6. The Government Savings Bank and Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives will grant soft loans, amounting to 10,000 million baht each for farmers, small business operators and members of the public, with only 0.35% interest rate, with a three years repayment schedule and a grace period for the first six months.

10% tap water rate cut for households and small businesses which consume lower amounts of water.  For households which use no more than 150 units of electricity, the first 90 units will be free of charge.  This measure is good for May and June only.