Government urged not to block use of social media by politicians to reach out to people

Pheu Thai acting secretary-general Phumtham Wetchayachai urged the government and the Election Commission to be more broad-minded and not to block politicians from using social media to communicate with their constituents or supporters.

He said social media was a tool through which politicians and the people could communicate with each other.

The duty of a political party, said Phumtham, is to reach out to the people, to share information, problems and thoughts and this is a two-way contact which is not illegal but mutually beneficial.

“We must accept that the world has changed.  No more writing letters as we can communicate with each other with new communication tool.  The government and the EC should view this phenomenon with a fair mind and must be able to catch up with the global change,” said the Pheu Thai acting secretary-general.

However, he noted that the government is attempting to control or restrict the use of this communication tool on the pretext of protecting national security.

“Is it your security or the security of the society?” Phumtham questioned as he urged the government not to block the use of social media by politicians to communicate with the people.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said political parties should wait another three months before they can start political campaigning, including through the social media.


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