Government spokeswoman apologizes to PM for showing him eating from a plastic container

Government spokeswoman Mrs. Narumon Pinysinwat has apologized to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha for posting an image on social media showing him eating fast food from a plastic container, which drew criticism from many netizens.

The Prime Minister said today (Thursday) that he didn’t know that his food would be served in a plastic container after he boarded a plane for an inspection trip to Phitsanuloke on Wednesday.

He said he could not reject the food, but asked those concerned not to serve him food in a plastic or Styrofoam containers again.

Having been made aware of the Prime Minister’s apparent dissatisfaction, Mrs. Narumon admitted that it was her fault for posting the image, saying that she has offered an apology for her unintentional negligence.

She said that the Prime Minister has reprimanded the officials concerned and, since that incident, both he and his delegates are served food in paper boxes or wrapped in banana leaves throughout the trip.

The spokeswoman added that, from now on, no plastic or Styrofoam would be used to serve food to the Prime Minister’s delegation, adding that this policy will also be applied to caterers at Government House.

She said that the Prime Minister should set an example by not using single-use plastic bags and containers after the death of several dugongs, including Mariam, caused by swallowing plastic bags or pieces.


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