Government and opposition performance passable – Dusit Poll

Out of a maximum score of 10, the performance of the government during the past two months was rated at 5.2, compared to 5.86 for the opposition, in an opinion poll conducted by Dusit Poll of the University of Suan Dusit, which was released on Sunday.

The pollsters gauged the opinions on their expectations of the government and the opposition of 1,132 people, through an online survey, between October 30th and November 3rd.

The poll shows 80.53% of the respondents want the government to fulfill its electoral promises with transparency and honesty, while 78.7% expect the opposition to provide constructive suggestions to the government. 51.54% are satisfied with the government’s decision to cut fuel and electricity prices and train fares, which also gives them a level of confidence in the government.

85.05% of the respondents are satisfied with the opposition’s role in checking the government’s performance and the majority wish the government to succeed in addressing the cost of living problem.

Dr. Ngamprawan Aesomnoek, a lecturer at the school of law and politics at Suan Dusit University, said that the lower rating for government’s performance in comparison with the opposition indicates that the government’s decision to cut train fares, power and fuel prices may not have met people’s full expectations.

For instance, only the train fares on a few train lines, not all, have been cut and there is still uncertainty surrounding the “digital wallet” scheme, said the lecturer adding, however, that two months is too short to fully assess the government’s performance.


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