6 June 2024

Outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said today (Thursday) that he will quit as a party-list MP and will only retain his post as leader of the Palang Pracharath party.

Speaking to reporters before chairing a meeting of the Thai Olympic Committee this morning, Prawit said that he has done enough for the country and will now concentrate on working for the party.

He did not give a specific date for his planned resignation as an MP, only saying that it will be “pretty soon”.

Appearing in good mood, he wished the reporters good luck and asked to take a group photo with them as a souvenir of their working relationship.

His planned resignation as an MP will pave the way for Santi Promphat, deputy party leader and second on the party list of candidates, to fill the seat.

Earlier, Thai Liberal party leader Sereepisuth Temeeyaves also quit as a party-list MP.