Gen Prem wanted his life savings donated to the poor

(Photo) We love Gen Prem Tinsulanonda
The late statesman General Prem Tinsulanonda made a wish that his life savings, earned throughout his career from army chief to president of the Privy Council, and estimated at about 100 million baht, be donated to help the poor, according to his former close aide, General Phisanu Putthawong.
He said that General Prem told him not long ago about his wish to donate his savings to fund projects which will be beneficial to poor people, adding that he had consulted with Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngarm about how to fulfil the statesman’s last wish.
General Phisanu also disclosed that General Prem, despite his frail health and old age, had tried to get in shape to make sure that he could perform his duty in the presentation of sacred water to His Majesty the King during this month’s Coronation Ceremony.
“He (General Prem) wanted to accomplish his job regarding the Coronation Ceremony the best he could, as if it were his last mission and then he passed away,” said the general.


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