6 June 2024

About five hours after a fire erupted at a Map Tha Phut Tank Terminal firm in Rayong province, firefighters have still been unable to extinguish it. As of 4.30pm, it is reported that the blaze has already reached a third tank. Flames and a column of black smoke can be seen from far away.

At least one employee has died in the fire. Employees and residents living in nearby communities have been evacuated. The incident was reported by mainstream media and on social networking platforms.

Some Thai netizens sent words of support to those fighting the blaze, while others prayed for those affected.

The fire at the Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal company started at around 10.30am, in a pyrolysis gasoline storage tank, sending a large column of black smoke into the sky, which could be seen from a considerable distance.

The company is a commercial port and storage terminal, storing liquid and gaseous chemicals, including petroleum products.

Its second press release stated that four employees were injured and one was killed.

Other employees have been evacuated from the area.

Rescue workers and firefighters fought the blaze, during which occasional explosions were heard.

Officials closed roads to facilitate the emergency response and to ensure public safety. The fire is believed to have worsened the air quality in the surrounding area.

Nonetheless, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand director Veeris Ammarapala said that the particles and smoke from the fire have not yet had any impacts on communities or the environment.

Boats are on standby, in case the need for emergency evacuation arises.

Veeris added that, after the fire is extinguished, the company has to make sure that such accident will not happen again.