23 May 2024

Thailand’s internet and game cafés have petitioned the Government to allow them to resume operations after almost three months of closure.

The operators said, in a letter to the Complaints Centre of the Office of the Permanent Secretary of PM’s Office, that they have been hard hit economically by business closures, dating back to March 19th, and have had no revenues, while expenses are mounting on a daily basis.

As the COVID-19 situation in Thailand appears to be improving, they argue that it is about time for their businesses to be allowed to reopen, and they promise to take necessary precautions to ensure safety for customers.

For instance, the operators said their staff would wear face masks or shields at all times and would cleanse the computers immediately after use by customers, or at least every two hours.

Customers will be temperature screened and youths those under 15 will not be allowed into the premises.  Alcoholic drinks and food will not be served or allowed and gambling will be banned.

Alcohol-based sanitizer will be made available at various locations.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has listed internet and game cafés as high risk locations to be kept under a close watch.