Future Forward scores landslide win in Chiang Mai’s election re-run

The Future Forward party won an additional constituency seat in the election re-run in Constituency 8 of Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai on Sunday, bringing its total House seats to 81.
As a result of the Chiang Mai election, the Palang Pracharat and the Democrat parties were each allocated another party-list seat, although the Palang Pracharat party’s candidate, Mr. Tharet Tamrongtippayakul, was roundly beaten by the Future Forward party’s candidate, Ms. Srinuan Boonlue.
The unofficial vote count showed Ms. Srinuan receiving 75,891 votes against Mr. Tharet’s 27,861 votes.
Because of the method of calculation, to determine the sharing of party-list seats, both the Palang Pracharat and Democrat parties were each given an additional seat, with one of the seats taken away from the little known party, Thai Rak Tham, which won the fewest votes in the March 24th general election.
The Palang Pracharat now has 19 party-list seats, up from 18.
The EC will officially announce the election re-run result in Chiang Mai’s Constituency 8 if there is no protest against the unofficial poll result.


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