Future Forward party gets back at Srisuwan Janya

The Future Forward party is hitting back at maverick political activist Srisuwan Janya in retaliation for the latter’s campaign against the party, including the latest petition to the Election Commission to disqualify 11 candidates for alleged media shareholding.
The complaint was lodged with the Thung Song Hong police station today by the 11 Future Forward candidates, accusing Srisuwan of making false allegations against them regarding their alleged share ownerships.
Representing the group, Mr. Karom Prompornklang, an MP-elect, told the media that he used to be a shareholder in a media firm, but the company folded six years ago. A few others also used to be shareholders in media firms which, in reality, are dormant companies which have never engaged in the media business, said Mr. Karom.
While admitting that he does not know Srisuwan personally, he said he found the latter’s conduct unacceptable and harmful to Future Forward candidates and maintained that the group merely wanted to protect their name and reputation against false allegations.
The candidates and MPs-elect present included:
Mr. Karom Prompornklang
Mr. Harin Yuwarattanaporn
Mr. Win Suteerachai
Ms. Nareerat Sukwanrat
Mr. Worapob Viriyarote
Mr. Veerachon Namprakai
Mr. Worakorn Ruchaiwanichakul
Mr. Piyameth Praneetpolkrang
Mr. Thitikan Thitipruetikul
Ms. Kaly arat Kittikalyanont
Srisuwan, however, remains defiant and unperturbed. He insisted that it was his duty to examine candidates of all parties, including those of the Future Forward party.
He challenged the party to take him to the court.


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