11 July 2024

The second land survey of Palang Pracharat MP Pareena Kraikupt’s poultry farm, in Chom Bung district of the southwestern province of Ratchaburi, has confirmed that 7.36 hectares are national forest reserve land.

Royal Forest Department director-general, Atthapol Charoenchansa, said the survey, conducted by department officials based on military mapping and with the help of satellite technology, has shown that about 6.56 hectares of the poultry farm are located on the left side of Pachee River, which is part of the national forest reserves, and the remainder is located on land managed under the Forest Act.

He said that the department will notify Ms. Pareena, an MP for Ratchaburi province, of the result of the survey, undertaken at her request and, on December 2nd, will file a complaint against her for alleged encroachment of national forest reserves with the Division of the Suppression of Offences related to Natural Resources and Environment.

Ms. Pareena had claimed that she has occupied 272 hectares of land in Tambon Rang Bua, Chom Bung district, turned them into a poultry farm over 10 years ago and has never been told by any officials that she was trespassing on state land.

Both the Royal Forest Department and the Provincial Land Reform Office, however, claim that she has actually occupied 112 hectares of national forest reserves and the rest are Sor Por Kor, or land reform land.