Fraud complaint lodged against famous life coach by official in Chiang Mai

A complaint has been filed, with the Mae Rim district police in Chiang Mai province, by the district’s assistant chief, accusing well-known life coach Sean Buranahirun of illegal fund raising and defrauding the public.

Bunyarith Nipvanich, the Assistant District Chief, said that, in March, Sean appealed for donations to raise money to assist officials involved in the efforts to fight forest fire in the Doi Suthep area, but the officials claim not to have received any money.

More than 6,000 donations, amounting to 1.4 million baht, were wired into the bank account of Sean between March 30th and May 6th, and some of it was subsequently transferred into his company’s bank account, said Bunyarith.

Bunyarith demanded that the police take legal action against the life coach, on charges of illegal solicitation of donations, defrauding the public and violation of the computer crime law.

In July, Sean Buranahirun, accompanied by a lawyer, reported to the police in Chiang Mai in response to a summons.  He claimed that he had used some of the donations to purchase N95 face masks, for distribution to 21 hospitals and a school, adding that he would deliver his own money, amounting to 1.3 million baht to the Chiang Mai governor.


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