6 June 2024

Thailand today recorded four new COVID-19 cases, all are Thais in quarantine after returning from abroad.

CCSA assistant spokesperson Dr. Panprapha Yongtrakul said today that, since Thailand banned on all in-bound passenger flights on April 4th, infections among those in contact with overseas arrivals have steadily reduced and most infections in recent days were among people in state quarantine.

Of today’s four new cases, one is a 37-year old Thai woman who worked as a masseuse in the United Arab Emirates. She arrived in Thailand on May 24th and immediately entered state quarantine at a hotel in Bangkok. She soon developed head and stomach aches and breathing difficulties. She was admitted to Lertsin Hospital on Friday, where she tested positive for COVID-19.

Two other cases are Thai students, who arrived in Thailand on Friday from Turkey and entered state quarantine at a hotel in Chon Buri.  Both were asymptomatic but tested positive for the virus and were admitted to Banglamung Hospital.

The fourth case is a male student arriving from Saudi Arabia, via Kuala Lumpur, on May 21st.  Asymptomatic on arrival, he tested positive for coronavirus on May 29th and was admitted to Narathiwat Provincial Hospital.

Cumulative COVID-19 cases in Thailand are now 3,081. These include 2,444 locally acquired infections, or 79.32% of all infections. 637 cases are among returnees from abroad, 20.68% and 144 infections in state quarantine.

2,963 patients have recovered and 61 are still in hospital.  The national death toll remains 57.

Bangkok and neighboring Nonthaburi province account for the bulk of infections, with 1,722 cases. 95 cases were recorded in the northern region, 111 in the Northeast, 738 in the southern region and 411 in the rest of the central region.  The youngest patient is a one month old baby and the oldest is 97 years old.  The 20-29 year old age group accounts for the majority of infections.

Well known virologist Dr. Yong Pooworawan said in his Facebook post today that, although it is not possible to completely prevent new infections in Thailand, it is possible for the country to help everyone live in good health amidst COVID-19 pandemic and to develop a health care system capable of tending to the sick, so that social and economic damage can be avoided.