11 July 2024

People in the North and the Northeast will be enjoying a feel of cold weather for four days starting today, with temperature dropping 2-4 degrees Celsius as a direct result of a strong cold front from China which is spreading from Laos to cover the upper parts of Thailand, said the Meteorological Department.

The cold front will initially cause thunderstorms to be followed by cold weather and strong wind, with mercury in the North and Northeast falling between 2-4 degrees Celsius while the central and eastern regions, including Bangkok, will also experience cool breezes, with temperature dropping 1-2 degrees Celsius, it said.

However, in the southern region, winds will become stronger with isolated heavy rains and rough seas in the Gulf.

In the northern region, it predicted that during the 4-day cold period, temperature on mountain tops is forecast to drop to 7-13 degrees Celsius while temperature on the plains ranges from 19-21 degrees Celsius.

Mountain tops in the Northeast will be less cold in comparison with the mountain tops in the North, with the mercury predicted to drop to 12-16 degrees Celsius.

Minimum temperature in Bangkok ranges from 25-27 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature between 35-36 degrees Celsius.