Four abandoned and starving dogs rescued from a house in Nonthaburi

Four dogs, which were abandoned in a cage without food and water for almost a month in a town house in Nonthaburi province, were rescued on Tuesday by officials from the Health and Livestock Development department.

They also found nine dead dogs in the house in Pakkred Village housing estate on Tiwanont road, with several of them badly decomposed. It is believed that they starved to death.

The unidentified house owner, who went to the house with the officials, reportedly said that he and his wife had been in a hospital since August 9th after a serious road accident.

He said he had asked a distant relative to come to his house to look after his dogs, but he didn’t show up, leaving them to starve to death.

Neighbors alerted district officials after a strong stench began to emanate from the house.

The four emaciated surviving dogs were given first aid before they were sent to a vet for proper treatment.



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