FM dismisses rumours of quota of visas for Chinese tourists

The Thai Foreign Ministry has dismissed rumours that Thailand is imposing a limited quota of visas for Chinese visitors to Thailand.

The ministry had checked with the Thai embassy in Beijing and learned that those rumours were partially based on a recent shortage of visa stickers at the Thai embassy and consular offices in China, which had already been resolved, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Busadee Santipitaks Thursday.

By the time of the visa sticker shortage, the embassy and the consular offices in China resolved to use visa stamps instead but did not limit the number of visas for Chinese visitors as rumoured, she said.

The rumours stemmed from a youtube video giving a false statement about Thai visa issuing for Chinese tourists, she said.

The Thai embassy and consular offices had slightly adjusted time for visa applicants to receive their passports back due to a high number of applicants, not because of the visa sticker issue, she said.

The embassy and consular offices have already informed visa applicants against the false visa information and taken legal action against the parties involved in spreading the rumours, she said.


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