11 July 2024

Five protest leaders have been summoned by Nang Loeng police, to appear before the Special Prosecutor’s Office at the Dusit District Court, to be formally charged for their roles in the protest in front of the Army HQ on July 20th.


To be charged with violating the Emergency Decree, the Traffic Act and use of loudspeakers in public without permission are human rights lawyer Anond Nampa, Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, Piyarath Jongthep, or Toto, Ms. Suwanna Tarnlek and Panupong Jardnok, alias Mike Rayong.

The five have denied the charges and said they will detail their defense in court.


Parit told the media today (Monday) that the removal, by persons unknown, of the protesters’ plaque from Sanam Luang is not a surprise, adding that he did not take it seriously “because the plaque was not only installed in ground at Sanam Luang alone, but in our hearts as well.”

The student firebrand said that he would upload an image of the plaque to social media, so that anyone interested can download the file and make copies of the plaque, which can be installed anywhere they wish.


Commenting on the charge of trespassing on an archaeological site, to be filed against him and other leaders by the Fine Arts Department, Parit said that Sanam Luang is not an archaeological site, but a public space for recreation and for vendors and hawkers.

The protesters also plan to stage a protest in front of Parliament this Thursday, to monitor the House debate on constitutional amendments.  The debate is due to start on Wednesday.

Mr. Somboon Uthaiwiankul, secretary to the House speaker, said that the protesters, like the rest of the public, have the right to observe the working of MPs, but they must maintain social distancing and wear face masks.


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