6 June 2024

The remains of five more Thai nationals in Israel have been identified, bringing the death toll since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 to 39, according to the Thai embassy in Tel Aviv.

The embassy said it had received updated information from Israeli officials, informing them that five sets of remains, which had not previously had their identities confirmed, are now confirmed to be those of Thai nationals.

Four other Thais are still in two hospitals in Israel, three identified as Manote Seethong, Wanchai Monsena and Pichitchai Prathana. 25 Thais are being held hostage in Gaza.

The four were visited by the Thai ambassador Pannabha Chandraramya and a labour inspector from the Social Security Office of the Thai Ministry of Labour.

The Thai government and parliament have sought help from Qatar, Egypt and Iran in the ongoing effort to secure the release of the 25 Thai hostages, believed to be held captive in Gaza by Hamas and other militant groups, but ongoing fighting in Gaza has made their extraction from the war zone impossible so far.