Farmers of flooded farmland near Tham Luang cave given material support

The Department of Agricultural Extension today (Thursday) presented plant seeds, plant saplings, and biological control products to about 100 rice farmers who sacrificed their farmland to be used as a catchment area for excess water drained out of Tham Luang cave during the search and rescue operation.

During the presentation ceremony held at the Ban San Poo Loei multi-purpose pavilion, Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district, the department chief Mr. Somchai Charnnarongkul said that more than 1,200 rai of rice fields were flooded and 126 farmers were affected, but 19 of them refused to accept any compensation from the state, claiming that they volunteered to help the 12-member Moo Pa team and their football coach.

For the rest of the farmers, they were given 4 tonnes of Dok Mali rice seeds, chili saplings and Moo Pa strain lychee saplings, plant seeds, 1,000 bags of organic fertilizer, 60 bottles of tiny earthworms and 850 kilogrammes of Trichoderma – a biological control product used to combat fungal plant disease and stimulate plant growth.

On top of that, mechanics from the private sector and an agricultural college in Chiang Rai have offered to provide maintenance service to their farm equipment free of charge.


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