6 June 2024
Thailand outbreak

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital, Dr. Prasit Watanapa, said today that field hospitals are necessary, especially in areas experiencing increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections. These temporary facilities are intended for asymptomatic and mild-symptoms patients, separating them from the general public.

Dr. Prasit said, if we do not start setting up field hospitals now, the outbreak in Thailand will get worse. He said field hospital is one of the tools for containing the outbreak, and enable the effective management of limited resources.

field hospital

Dr. Prasit said this wave of infections appears to stem from illegal activities, such as gambling dens, and migrant trafficking, making contact tracing a challenge. Many people do not tell the truth about their whereabouts and attempt to conceal their movements, so many have still not been isolated. He believes that, ultimately, the number of cases will exceed the number of hospital beds available, with many hospitals in high-risk areas already sending that signal.