12 June 2024

Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has complained about the alleged unfair treatment she has received at the hands of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha regarding her assets, including those inherited from her parents, which are being auctioned off “piece by piece” by the Legal Execution Department, even though her case is still pending in the Administrative Court.

“Quite a few people may wonder why I am keeping a low profile these days and whether I am still fine.  Sometimes, I try not to think too much, to stay calm and be fine, but this happiness is superficial because I have to be separated from my child, away from my family and the people by having to live abroad. I have to lose my home, assets, bank accounts, including personal property, which was acquired before I was prime minister,” said Ms Yingluck in her Facebook post today.

“Allow me to speak my mind today. I have been fighting against the auction of my assets, which I sweated to acquire. It is sad that I cannot not protect the property which I inherited from my parents. I have to suffer every time I learn my assets have been auctioned off, piece by piece. Sometimes, I have to console myself by telling myself that, if I bury myself in sadness and with the past, I will never be happy. I still have a lot of burdens and have to take care of several people who place their hope in me,” she wrote.

She added that she had tried all legal avenues to prevent her assets being auctioned off, but failed because of the Section 44 executive order issued by the Prime Minister, in his capacity as the head of the NCPO, which is protecting the actions of officials of the Legal Execution Department in auctioning off her property.

She noted that the auction should be suspended until there is a ruling from the Administrative Court. “If I lose the case, then my assets can be auctioned off, but I was subjected to unprecedented treatment by Section 44 which has overruled any court ruling. It is illegal and against the basic rights of people under democratic rule,” she complained.