11 July 2024

Two engineers from Elon Musk’s SpaceX and The Boring company have arrived in Bangkok on Saturday with seven more to arrive on Sunday.

Lt-Gen Veerachon Sukonthapatipark, deputy spokesman of the PM’s Office, said that one of the engineers was already at Tham Luang cave to help in the rescue operations.

Tourism and Sports Minister Veerasak Kowsurat said that several options had been proposed to extract the 13 survivors out of the flooded cave, but he added that he would take a look and a test of one of the options – the use of an underwater tunnel – which he thought would offer a safe alternative.

Meanwhile on Saturday, forest rangers have found a cavity on Doi Pha Hee which they believe may offer an alternative route which may lead them to Tham Luang cave.

Report from the search team said Saturday that a forest ranger could descend 65 metres down the cavity where a shaft of 20-30 cm wide was found and, if the shaft could be widen with a drilling machine, rescuers could descend further down.

Two other cavities were also found but they had little potential.