12 June 2024

Newly-appointed Election Commission chairman Itthiporn Boonprakong said on Sunday that election might be held on February 24 the soonest or in May the latest.

He said that the EC was prepared to hold the election in accordance with the roadmap, but declined to give an answer when asked about the factor which might cause the election to be put off.

As for the organizational plan for the election, Mr Itthiporn said the EC’s working panel was in the process of mobilizing opinions from election inspectors to fine-tune the plan before it is to be submitted to the EC EC approval.

He stressed that the plan to organize the election must be ready before the organic law regarding the selection of senators is to become enforceable on September 13.

Dismissing as inaccurate the report that senators are to be selected in three days, he clarified that senators are to be selected at district, provincial and national levels with each level to be held simultaneously nationwide.

He said he was confident that senators could be selected at least 15 days before the election of members of the parliament.The newly-appointed EC will hold its first meeting on Tuesday after a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krea-ngarm on Monday.