Election Commission rejects 2 PM and 107 party-list candidates

Thailand’s Election Commission announced today that 107 party-list and two prime ministerial candidates have been disqualified.

Of the 2,917 party-list registered candidates from 77 political parties, 2,810 candidates as well as 68 prime ministerial candidates from 44 parties have passed qualification screening by the EC.

While the EC did not disclose the names of the disqualified candidates, one of them is serving jail term and another did not complete university-level education as legally required.

The EC did not announce the number of constituency electoral candidates who passed qualification screening or who failed the screening, saying that the announcement rests with the election director of each of the 350 constituencies. However, parties or candidates can check for themselves by using the Smart Vote application.

Disqualified candidates can lodge complaints with the Supreme Court within seven days of disqualification.

Eligible voters and candidates are entitled to challenge the EC’s decisions by means of a petition submitted to the EC within seven days.


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