6 June 2024

An investigating committee has recommended the Election Commission to drop the charge that Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat violated the election law for allegedly holding shares in a media firm while filing candidacy in the May-14 election.

According to an informed source at the Election Commission (EC), the committee found there is no clear evidence that iTV was operating and earning income at the time when Pita applied for his election candidacy in early April.

The committee pointed out that, in order to disqualify Pita, in accordance with Section 151 of the Election Act, evidence that he still held shares in the media company must be clear and beyond any doubt.

The committee’s findings and recommendation have been sent to the secretary-general of the Election Commission, said the source, adding that the case will then be forwarded to a sub-committee for consideration, when Pita may be asked to testify to the panel.

The source also said that the panel may delay the case until there is a ruling from the Constitutional Court on Pita’s parliamentary status as relates to the iTV share ownership.

Pita was reported to hold 42,000 shares in iTV, inherited from his late father over 17 years ago. The shares were transferred to his relatives in June this year.