22 May 2024

As resentments among political parties and politicians grow against the new poll ballot design, a former election commissioner has warned the Election Commission that the forthcoming election could end up being declared null and void.

The new ballots, designed by the EC, only show the numbers and names of the candidates without the names and logos of their parties.

In his Facebook post on Sunday, former election commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, labelled the EC’s new ballot design as a “shallow and simplistic joke” that would benefit the party which has “sucked” many former MPs into its fold — an apparent reference to the pro-regime Palang Pracharat party.

The new ballot design has already been  widely condemned and could lead to lawsuits that might result in the election being declared null and void for allegedly in violation of  Constitution, said Somchai.

He warned that the seven incumbent election commissioners would be held accountable for the 5 billion baht worth of election costs in case the election is nullified by the court.

Democrat deputy leader Jurin Laksanavisit, meanwhile, said that the EC will lose all its credibility and the forthcoming election will turn dirty if the EC puts into use the newly-designed ballots.

He charged that the new ballot design which deliberately omits the names and logos of parties contesting the poll is apparently intended to confuse voters at the expense of political parties running against the pro-regime Palang Pracharat.

Former finance minister Thirachai Puvanartnaranuban accused the government of putting the country backward by about 40 years for its actions to undermine party system.

He said the only party which favours this new controversial ballot is the party made up of a host of former MPs poached from different parties but lacks outstanding policies which will attract voters.