EC to probe Future Forward party for alleged violation of Political Party Act

Apparently undaunted by the Constitutional Court’s recent ruling against the dissolution of the Future Forward party, Dr. Natthaporn Toprayoon, who initiated those proceedings, will again ask the court to disband the party, this time via the Election Commission (EC), for alleged violation of the Political Party Act.

A former advisor to the chief ombudsman, Dr. Natthaporn claims that the Constitutional Court’s ruling on January 21st, which cleared the Future Forward party of having committed any offence which would justify the party’s dissolution, opened the door for appropriate agencies, such as the EC, to investigate the party for having committed any acts which could be deemed as detrimental to democratic system under monarchy, in violation of Section 92(2) of the Political Party Act.

He said that he has submitted all the evidence he originally presented to the Constitutional Court, to the EC to start a new probe into Future Forward, claiming that, under Section 92 (2), a party which embraces an ideology contrary to constitutional monarchy is to be judged as being detrimental to democratic rule with the King as head of state.

Dr. Natthaporn said the EC has set up a subcommittee to look into his case and has invited him to provide more information.

He confirmed that this will be his last case on this matter, adding that he would be satisfied if the charter court orders the party to amend the party’s manifesto to state that it embraces democratic rule with the King as head of state.


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