Dugong Mariam can now eat and swim as her condition improves

(Photo) Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Mariam’s condition is steadily improving after the baby dugong was treated with anti-biotics and food supplements to treat lung and blood infections, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said Monday night.

Mariam is responding well to anti-biotics, multi-vitamin gel, glucose and mineral water being administered by veterinarians and she can now swim and dive well and is eating sea grass.

The department also said that she now breathes normally and her pulse was measured at 114 beats per minute.

Veterinarians yesterday tried to take a blood sample from Mariam, but could not restrain the animal, said the department.

Mariam was found washed ashore on Libong Island in Thailand’s southern province of Trang. She was then treated and trained by veterinarians so she will be able to return to the sea to join the other dugongs around Libong Island.



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