21 May 2024

Motorists who use the right lane of a highway, with more than four traffic lanes, and drive at a speed of less than 90kph will face charges similar to speeding, under a new ministerial regulation being mulled by the Transport Ministry.

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said today that the idea of setting the minimum speed for driving in the right lane will be considered, together with a proposal to increase the speed limit on highways to 120kph and other highway laws.

He asserted that the regulation on maximum and minimum driving speeds is intended to ensure better safety and to reduce traffic congestion.

He expected the new traffic regulation to come into force in February.

The Highways Department has stressed the need for the setting of different speed limits for different traffic lanes which, it believes, will help reduce lane changing and accidents caused by sudden lane changes.

Accidents caused by sudden lane changes account for 30% of road accidents, or 5,000 annually.