11 July 2024

Democrat party deputy spokesman Churith Laksanavisit hit back at red-shirt co-leader Natthawat Saikua over the latter’s accusation that the party was involved in the overthrow of Thai Rak Thai-led Thaksin government and the Pheu Thai-led government of Ms Yingluck Shinawatra by the military.

Churith insisted that the Democrat party had never supported or conspired with any group of people to seize power from a legitimate government “hence the party is definitely not a democratic turncoat that supports power seizure as alleged by Natthawut.”

He noted, in the previous two coups which toppled the Thaksin and Yingluck administrations, the coup makers blamed massive corruption by the two regimes as the cause of their power seizure, adding that the majority of the people agreed with the coup makers’ claim to justify the takeovers.

“It was not a matter of conspiracy theory.  But it was because of Mr Natthawut’s favourite governments’ abuse of power and corruption,” said Mr Churith.

Instead of a conspiracy theory between the Democrats and the military, the deputy spokesman said it was the conspiracy theory between Natthawut and a renegade Democrat, Mr Nakorn Machim, to discredit the Democrat party.

In Nakorn’s Facebook post to Thaksin on the occasion of his 69th birthday last week, he offered an apology to the fugitive former prime minister and Ms Yingluck for the previous role of the Democrat party in the overthrow of their governments years ago.

The controversial post sparked a war of words between Democrat and Pheu Thai members with the Democrats threatening to sue Mr Nakorn.