6 June 2024

A female dugong was found dead with its head missing on the beach in Nua Khlong district of Thailand’s southern province of Krabi yesterday (Wednesday).

Villagers in Ko Siboya sub-district of Nuea Khlong found the dugong floating near the beach in Village 7 and pulled it on shore.  he mammal, about two metres long and more than 100kgs (without its head), had many other wounds on its body as well.

Village 7 headman, Yongyuth Fungkwa, said that he suspects that the female dugong might have become entangled in a fishing net and died. When fishermen discovered it, they simply cut off its head to free the body from the net.

He also said that he is not sure whether the fishermen cut off the dugong’s head for its tusks, because they could fetch a good price for someone who believes that they bring good luck.

Officials from a rare marine species research centre in Trang province are due in Krabi province to conduct an investigation.