6 June 2024

New COVID-19 infections in Thailand and other countries were steadily falling over the past month, with fewer fatalities, according to Dr. Opart Karnkawinpong, public health permanent secretary.

He expressed concern, however, for people over 60 and those suffering from underlying diseases, pointing out that most of the fatalities were people over 70 and those who were not vaccinated.

According to the Department of Disease Control, there were 1,653 hospital admissions between June 18th and 24th. Of these, 265 suffered from lung infections, 164 need ventilators and 36 died.

Dr. Opart appealed to relatives of those over 60 or with underlying conditions to bring them to hospitals or clinics for COVID-19 vaccination, along with the anti-flu vaccine. They are also advised to bring children, aged from six months to five years, for COVID inoculation, to reduce the risk of death or severe symptoms.

He disclosed that most of the new COVID-19 cases are the Omicron hybrid, which is capable of spreading quickly, but symptoms are not severe and the infections can be detected with rapid antigen or RT-PCR tests. He also assured that there is sufficient medication to cope with the situation.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Dr. Thira Woratanarat, at Chulalongkorn University, said that COVID infections in Japan increased three fold after the government has eased restrictions on May 8th.

He stressed the need for preventive measures, both by medical personnel and the public in general, by wearing face masks in public venues at least.