6 June 2024

The Bangkok North District Court has accepted a lawsuit filed, by LGBTQ celebrity Prairie Praiwan, against controversial socialite Leena Jungjunja over an incident in April this year, when the latter pulled a wig from Prairie’s head in what appeared to be a prank.

The incident occurred during a livestreaming of the “Mod Dam” YouTube program. A former well-known monk, who became transgender after leaving the monkhood, Prairie, had been invited to appear on Mod Dam’s program for an interview, not knowing that Leena had also been invited. After the interview, the producer wanted to do a live segment featuring her with Leena.

Prairie said in her Facebook on Monday that the Bangkok North District Court had held a pre-trial hearing and decided to accept the case.

Prairie took the case to the court to uphold the principle that everyone, no matter a person’s gender identity, should be treated equally with dignity and as a human being.

Referring to the incident, Prairie claimed that it was an act of harassment and caused shame, because it occurred in public and before a large audience.