Court seizes 897m baht from former secretary of disgraced commerce minister Boonsong 

[File] Former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyaphirom

The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Public Office has ordered the seizure of about 897 million baht worth of assets held in the name of former secretary to convicted commerce minister Boonsong Teriyaphirom, who was sentenced to a heavy prison term for malfeasance over the fake government-to-government rice deals with Chinese state firms.

Mr. Boonsong and his former secretary Dr. Veeravuth Watjanapukka were among 113 individuals charged by state prosecutors for involvement in alleged corruption in the fake G-to-G rice deals with Chinese state firms which cost the state several billions of baht.

During the trial, Dr. Veeravuth jumped bail and fled abroad.  An arrest warrant was eventually issued by the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Public Offices. He was accused of being unusually rich by the National Anti-Corruption Commission and his case was brought before the Supreme Court by state prosecutors who demanded the seizure of his allegedly ill-gotten gains.

During the asset trial, neither Veeravuth nor the other asset holders challenged the prosecutor’s demand for their assets to be confiscated.

The bank deposits ordered seized by the court are:

  • Dr. Veeravuth 79.4 million baht
  • Mrs. Chutima (ex-wife) 367.3 million baht
  • Mrs. Oranee (mother) 357.5 million baht
  • Ms. Onchuma (daughter) 41.6 million baht
  • Pol Maj-Gen Veerawat (father) 43.4 million baht
  • Mr. Samarn Yatmee (former father in law) 5.9 million baht
  • Ms. Chutinan (niece) 1.4 million baht.



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