22 May 2024

The Thong Phaphum provincial court today rejected convicted construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta’s request for the removal of his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, a request made on the grounds that the device is exacerbating his poor health due to diabetes.


The Appeals Court applied the requirement for him to wear the monitoring device after it upheld his conviction and increased his jail term to two years and 14 months without suspension for illegal hunting in the Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary in Kanchanaburi province over a year ago


Italian-Thai Development Corp boss Premchai and his team of lawyers were present at the Thong Phaphum provincial court in Kanchanaburi province this morning to hear the court’s decision. The court noted that the bracelet was on his right ankle, while the wounds, which he claimed were caused by the monitoring device, were on the left.


Premchai and two other convicts in the illegal hunting case, Yong Dodkrua and Thanee Thummat, reported to the court on January 9th as legally their bail terms.

Yong was given two years and 17 months and Thanee, two years and 21 months. The fourth defendant, Mrs. Nathee Riamsaen was given one year and eight months which was suspended for two years.


Premchai’s lawyer, Mr. Vitoon Yimprai, said that the court had granted his request for one month’s extension of the deadline for the submission of an appeal to the Supreme Court against the Appeal Court’s verdict.