6 June 2024

Anti-junta activist Aekachai Hongkangwan and four other defendants were acquitted by the Criminal Court today (Wednesday) of resorting to violence to block the motorcade of Her Majesty the Queen during an anti-government protest in 2020.

Based on the evidence presented during the trial, the court ruled that they did not commit the offence, as charged by the police, and that the police had not notified the protesters in advance that a Royal motorcade would pass along the road, on which the protesters were marching towards Government House from the Democracy monument.

The incident took place on October 14th, 2020, the first day of anti-government protests organised by the “Khana Ratsadon 2563” group.

The court also ruled that there were many crowd control police and protesters on the route, rendering impossible for the defendants to see the arrival of Royal motorcade or what was happening on the other side of the road.

The five were charged with violating Section 110 of the Criminal Code, by allegedly resorting to violence against the Queen’s liberty, a serious offence subject to life imprisonment or imprisonment from 16-20 years if convicted.

Commenting on the not guilty verdict, “Boonkuanoon”, one of the defendants, told the media that they had finally been given justice.