19 May 2024

Thailand’s Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has expressed concern over the potential short and long term effects of cannabis on Thai youth, now that controlled use of the plant in various forms has been legalised.

670,065 people have registered with the Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) to grow cannabis or hemp and 649,408 had been certified by 7am today (Sunday), according to the TFDA.  More than 33 million users have logged into the TFDA’s registration system.

To address the concerns, TFDA Secretary-General Dr. Paisarn Dunkum said today (Sunday) that they have imposed strict measures on the production of food, drinks or other products which contain cannabis or its extracts, to ensure the safety of consumers.

Although the growing of cannabis and hemp and using substances which contain THC not exceeding 0.2% by weight is not illegal, production, trading, import or export of cannabis or their products requires permission from the authorities.

Dr. Paisarn said all products which contain cannabis in any form must carry a clearly visible warning label advising pregnant women, children and breast-feeding women not to use the products and that people who use the products should avoid driving or working with machinery, as the substances in cannabis can cause drowsiness.

He also said that the products must meet safety standards regarding bacteria, contaminants and toxic residues in the products.

Exaggerated advertising of products, which could lead to misunderstanding, may be regarded as a public fraud and the producers could be subject to legal action, he added.