11 July 2024

Abdulloh Esor Musor, a suspected insurgent being held in military custody for questioning after his arrest on July 20th, died early Sunday morning.

He had to be rushed, unconscious, to Pattani provincial hospital the day following his apprehension, and subsequently to Songkhlanagarind Hospital in neighbouring Songkhla province.

The Songkhlanagarind Hospital said in a statement that the patient was pronounced dead at about 4am. He died of severe pneumonia and septic shock.

According to the statement, the condition of Abdulloh, who had not regained consciousness since leaving the Ingkhayuth interrogation centre, remained stable until 48 hours ago when his condition worsened.

The medical team adjusted the respiratory system to increase oxygen and administered anti-biotics to contain the diseases, but his blood pressure fell and his condition deteriorated.

His blood pressure kept falling, despite the administration of drugs, said the statement, adding that the patient’s relatives had been kept abreast of his condition until his death at 4.03am.

34-year old Abdulloh was taken into military custody after his alleged involvement in violent incidents in the restive region.

The military at the interrogation centre said only that the suspect fell unconscious. An investigation was ordered into the incident, the result of which remains unknown.

Reacting to the suspect’s death, Future Forward party spokeswoman Pannika “Chor” Wanich said Sunday that the party would submit an interpellation to parliament this week to seek an explanation from those concerned about the tragedy.

She pointed out that two probes had been set up to investigate the case, but there has not been any progress ever since.