Car of activist in Election Commission impeachment campaign torched

A car belonging to one of the activists campaigning for an impeachment against the Election Commission at a rally in Rajprasong area in Bangkok on Sunday was reportedly torched this morning.

Mr. Aekkachai Hongkangwan said in a  Facebook post today that his car was burnt beyond repair and some of his documents, containing the names of about 300 people who had signed up in support of the impeachment campaign, were partially destroyed.

Citing evidence from CCTV at his house, Aekkachai provided a chronology of the torching of his car. He said two motorbike riding suspects were seen in front of his house at 6pm.  At 7.34pm, one of the motorcyclists, wearing a jacket and crash helmet, kicked his car’s left wing mirror.  At 7.43 pm, the same unidentified man poured what is believed to be petrol over the car’s windscreen and ignited it.

At about 8.35pm, a motorcycle was spotted leaving the scene, which was followed by the second motorcycle about ten minutes later.

Earlier, Aekkachai’s car had been vandalized in front of his house and he had been attacked by unidentified men in what he described as an act of intimidation for his activism against the military junta.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai party has demanded that the Election Commission stick to the formula, outlined in Section 91 of the Constitution, when calculating the allocation of 150 party-list parliamentary seats among the parties contesting the March 24th election.

Pheu Thai’s secretary-general Phumtham Vechayachai said today that the party will have no problem as long as the EC adheres the formula of 71,065 votes amounting to one parliamentary seat.

However, he complained that the EC appeared to be arbitrarily calculating the allocation of seats, with results that change almost daily. Phumtham maintained that the Pheu Thai party simply wants the EC to follow the law and stick to one formula for the seat calculation.

Pheu Thai’s secretary-general said that announcement of the results of party-list seats would be further delayed and the situation would be even more confused if the EC waits until they start issuing yellow or red cards to candidates found to be involved in electoral irregularities.

He pointed out that, since the EC still cannot issue credible unofficial poll results, the EC cannot expect the people to trust the EC’s issuance of yellow or red cards as being fair or transparent.


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