6 June 2024

The Thai cabinet approved the allocation of 10.464 billion baht from the Central Fund today (Tuesday), to subsidise electricity charges for 18.32 million households from May through August and for another 23.4 million households in May as an emergency measure.

The proposal to fund the program will be resubmitted to the Election Commission (EC) for reconsideration, after the commission rejected it last week due to the lack of cabinet approval.

The subsidy program is in response to widespread public complaints of unusually high power bills during the hot season.

Government Spokesman Anucha Burapachaisri said that the subsidy is meant for households which consume no more than 300 units of electricity per month.

Under the scheme, the fuel tariff (FT) charge for households which use no more than 150 units/month in May through August will be cut by 89.80 satang/unit, from the normal rate of 91.19 satang/unit. For electricity consumption of 151-300 units/month, the FT charge will be cut by 64.80 satang/unit, from 91.90 satang/unit. For use exceeding 500 units, the FT charge is 91.19 satang/unit.

Anucha said that the subsidy for these groups of electricity users will amount to 6.954 billion baht for 18.32 million homes, representing 78.42% of all households.

The remainder of the budget, amounting to 3.510 billion baht, is intended as an emergency measure for the month of May, for households supplied by the Metropolitan and Provincial Electricity authorities and substations of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

There are 23.4 million households in this category and each will be given a subsidy of 150 baht for May only.