11 July 2024

Thailand’s cabinet has taken the initiative by implementing social distancing as a preventive measure to protect against contracting COVID-19, as fears of the deadly virus grip the nation.

At the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, all ministers, including Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, were seen wearing face masks and seated about a metre apart

The same measure has also been put into practice at the offices and studios of Thai PBS, beginning with temperature checks at the entrances.


Additionally, only four people are allowed in an elevator at a time and each of them stand in designated positions facing the walls.

To reduce congestion in the canteen, staff members have been advised to bring their own dishes, spoons and forks, so they can eat at their desks.


The National Blood Centre of the Thai Red Cross Society said that it has also adopted social distancing measures for blood donors, but the only things missing are the blood donors themselves, as the centre urges members of the public to come forward to donate.

Meanwhile, the Office of Basic Education Commission issued a circular to all state-run schools to suspend classes until March 31st.

Entrance examinations for Mathayom 4 and Mathayom 1 secondary education levels, scheduled for March 21st through 23rd and March 28th through 29th, are also postponed until further notice.