21 May 2024

Business leaders today welcomed the announcement of political timeline by Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngarm on Thursday.

Federation of Thai Industries president  Suphan Mongkolsuthee said the election which is to be held on February 24 in accordance with the timeline would boost the confidence of investors as well as that of the people in general.

Hailing the timeline as appropriate, he said that what the private sector wants to see after the election is for political rule and order to prevail, government’s transparency  and  effective check-and-balance role by the opposition.

President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Kalin Sarasin, meanwhile, said the country is already in an election mode and Wissanu’s announcement of the political timeline on Thursday with the schedule of the election becoming clearer would be beneficial especially for the private sector so they could make advance planning of their investment and to prepare themselves to meet with new challenges.

However, he admitted that he was concerned with vacuum in the work of the government during the transition period before a new government is installed.

“We don’t want to see vacuum in the government’s works be it decision making concerning several projects and policy implementation while a new government is to be installed otherwise those in  the business sector will be hard hit,” said Mr Klint.

According to the political timeline, election will be held on February 24 and the result of the poll will be announced by the Election Commission within April 24 after which there will be a new parliament and a new government in May.